A letter to their MP

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A 95 year old was unhappy about his move to Victoria, and missing seeing the cenotaph. A letter the day before Remembrance Day to the MP’s office changed his situation, gave him new hope and sense of being respected.

Moments that stand out…

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Insight in to the power and place of each small moment’s joy For other MusicFest Festival Moments…

Leaving Quebec… destination.. flow

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She came into a car repair centre because her car’s front end was shaking badly. Despite being ‘full’ the centre took a look at her car. We took a few minutes to highlight her traveling spirit, a spirit that’s not

Teaching art to challenging students


Challenging students saw the advantage of taking risks and expressing their creativity in their art, rather than kicking up a fuss in class. At an earlier point in her career she was volunteering in an asylum in Mexico. Here’s the

Synchronicity in searching for work

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A heartening story of hope, persistence, humility, and success in landing a great job…. when prospects seemed dim.

Creating delight in small packages

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It took a bit of listening to hear her story, then her creative spirit surfaced. This paper artist is creating small gardens in Altoid tins.

The word for today: Vacuum….

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Loni’s tutoring builds on students’ curiosity.

Discovering community in Victoria

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Visiting from Houston, Texas she is struck by the friendliness, beauty and accessibility of Victoria.

Playing with Math

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A math methods prof helps students learn more effectively. It has ramifications for much of what we take on in life.

Beyond-the-classroom moments – homeschooling

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A young teacher left public school teaching after two years… and began home schooling her own children.. locally and internationally.