A career journey to his destiny

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Teaching was not his first or even second career, although he felt it was his destiny.

Power of ‘Yes’

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Rob’s career was furthered by the courage and patience to say ‘yes’ to small offers along the way.

Campus Conversation: Yamila Franco

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Yamila Franco, born in the Dominican Republic, brings her practices and traditions of kindness, respect for the land, community-based work to her projects and relationships. She is an entrepreneur, working as a financial adviser empowering women and newcomers through education,

Working with a 7 yr old creative

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Left in the classroom little was accomplished, but with some support and taken outside the classroom, she was eager to take on big ideas and projects.

EA as observer/ detective

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An education assistant can be a powerful role in any classroom to help maximize student performance and learning.

Sarah Fletcher .. from rockstar to academic

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New mom, medical anthropologist, PhD (almost 🙂 ex-rockstar (but does that ever really go away ?) social activist, world traveller and community based researcher.. 6 years ago she was trying to decide whether to continue in the music business or

Integrating Special Needs Students

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Special needs students wanted more from their education. Their teacher got tired of their complaints and helped them achieve their goals through an effective protest that the students took to the superintendent’s office.

First Fringe Production: Aug 2018

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> Her first Fringe production had many surprising moments for the production team. Some of them came at the last night of the Fringe.

A test writing strategy

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A university student’s success writing a three hour final exam about a book she had not completed, a poem she didn’t recognize and a play she had previously written about, but hadn’t done well on.

How UVic changed my life

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An undergrad’s life is changed from the impact of her profs.