Staying buoyant and resilient while working for change

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Practical steps we can take to take care of ourselves while working hard at change.

A process of becoming … find our heart’s calling

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Her passion and accomplishment in theatre lead to a summer job at a day care centre back home in the Comox Valley. She indulged herself in all aspects of working with children in a financially challenged part of town, and

A birthday surprise that started on a village bench

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Her housemate took her to the Village for lunch…. it was just the beginning of a wonderful time as strangers joined in

Two angels beside them

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Two ‘angels’ who brought this couple together after their spouses passed on some years before.

Life 3.0 A new me

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Life 3.0 .When your own children notice the dramatic change … in activity, outlook and demeanour six months after marriage preceded by a seven month courtship.

To be a man

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I saw him sitting on a walker outside a clinic. I asked him a good question. He noticed immediately and after a short response, asked why I asked him that. I mentioned my book to help make conversations be more

A letter to their MP

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A 95 year old was unhappy about his move to Victoria, and missing seeing the cenotaph. A letter the day before Remembrance Day to the MP’s office changed his situation, gave him new hope and sense of being respected.

Moments that stand out…

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Insight in to the power and place of each small moment’s joy For other MusicFest Festival Moments…

Leaving Quebec… destination.. flow

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She came into a car repair centre because her car’s front end was shaking badly. Despite being ‘full’ the centre took a look at her car. We took a few minutes to highlight her traveling spirit, a spirit that’s not

Teaching art to challenging students


Challenging students saw the advantage of taking risks and expressing their creativity in their art, rather than kicking up a fuss in class. At an earlier point in her career she was volunteering in an asylum in Mexico. Here’s the