From jazz singing to radio journalism

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Laura was just opening a new book but was also open to a conversation about her career path.

What it takes to build a community

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A retired engineer studied community building…. and is finding important elements that he can support. It’s now an ongoing cause.

Fernwood Pole Painting 2016

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Dana shares the spirit of pole painting in wonderful Fernwood.

Our personal encore… building our next steps


Reflections about next steps of a talented professional. Thoughts about living the journey which is transitioning from our travel experience into a future focus

Giant Jenga

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A remarkable collaborative learning experience on a cruise ship.

Dublin Bike Tours

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Loved the local colour and rich history that Brian of Dublin Bike Tours brought to our time in Dublin.

Motivations of an engineer

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Graham recognizes the strengths of engineers, and what motivates them.

Helping teachers take a step to retire

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A temporary principal encouraged a teacher to explore retirement options. The nudge made all the difference. She discovered new options and decided to retire promptly.

Improv in the woodwork class with blind students

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Concrete role for improv theatre in the classroom. In any given day things don’t go according to plan. In this case, the principal asked him to teach a wood work shop with students with a special need….

The Continuation High School

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A smaller school for students who are severely deficient in skills or credits towards graduation. This administrator was impressed with their commitment for a better life. These students were sometimes the first to graduate from highschool in their entire family.