Reconnecting to life ..The sound of change

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The Sound of Change: Free reconditioned hearing aids are making a world of difference.

A life redeemed…

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In his work as a cultural advisor, he helped a man find his place in society for the first time in his life. The advisor is now a family violence project coordinator, Victoria Native Friendship Centre.

Transfixed by Belfry Productions

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Transfixed by The Chelsea Hotel…. and the transformative B4 plays.

Collaborative projects with Surfriders

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An independent downtown middle school finds creative community collaborators that gives students a rich integrative learning experience.

Creative STEAM challenges for young students

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Love hearing how new teachers are adding creative team challenges to their classrooms.

Learning from massage student input

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A conversation in a coffee shop line-up shifted to ways Matthew stays fresh midst the challenges of teaching at a massage school.

Finding ‘a way in’ for students to academic classes

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Overcoming student apathy, or resistance at university by finding a way for the students to relate to the material. To view more Classroom Moments

A resource for life… I Ching

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Hanne Quillevere operates Vis-a-vis consulting for I Ching… and is an emerging author. I met her at an emerging authors table at the local library.

First professional performance in new school

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Melissa runs the theatre program at Royal Bay Secondary near Victoria, BC.She brought in Jake’s Gift as their first professional performance for the community. Wonderful performance — a great house, in a beautiful new theatre on a dark and stormy

Working with young engineers give them a 360 view

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Young engineers benefit from mentoring on the job…. A rewarding part of his workday…giving them priceless support. In this case, a reminder that output from a computer is not always to be trusted.