Collaborative projects with Surfriders

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An independent downtown middle school finds creative community collaborators that gives students a rich integrative learning experience.

Creative STEAM challenges for young students

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Love hearing how new teachers are adding creative team challenges to their classrooms.

Learning from massage student input

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A conversation in a coffee shop line-up shifted to ways Matthew stays fresh midst the challenges of teaching at a massage school.

Finding ‘a way in’ for students to academic classes

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Overcoming student apathy, or resistance at university by finding a way for the students to relate to the material. To view more Classroom Moments

A resource for life… I Ching

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Hanne Quillevere operates Vis-a-vis consulting for I Ching… and is an emerging author. I met her at an emerging authors table at the local library.

First professional performance in new school

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Melissa runs the theatre program at Royal Bay Secondary near Victoria, BC.She brought in Jake’s Gift as their first professional performance for the community. Wonderful performance — a great house, in a beautiful new theatre on a dark and stormy

Working with young engineers give them a 360 view

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Young engineers benefit from mentoring on the job…. A rewarding part of his workday…giving them priceless support. In this case, a reminder that output from a computer is not always to be trusted.

A writer: Being ready to go in a new direction

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Reflections about major changes in the direction of her the author of Free As a Bird, after the book won numerous literary awards.

Turning the tables at a conference

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We turn the tables with the audience at CUVic 2016 driving the presentation, in this case an interview with Melissa Hyland. Using our structure, the audience goes deep quickly and Melissa opens up and delivers. Melissa is a former youth

Hultain Wild Flowers are drawing community in

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Wild flowers have been an amazing experience for not only the pollinators but the community..So many people passing by on this active street have stopped to enjoy and appreciate the wild flowers.