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The differences between collaboration and co-creation. Where ego enters the potential for conflict and drama surfaces. The evolution of the World Children’s Summit is a using this new approach.

Housing co-op success

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The evolution of this wonderful housing co-op in North Vancouver, since its beginning in 1985. It now has 67 families in it. It feels like a sane, vibrant solution in an otherwise very challenging housing market of the lower mainland.

Being more aware in our community

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The longer you live in a town, the less you see. the less you’re aware of it. She’s excited about a new, exciting, dramatic move she’s making to a small town in the interior of BC.

Living a bit ‘upstream’

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A summer visit to a small town ended up with a move to a dream home on the lake, in a town where it’s less easy to live, and leaves her feeling younger.

Rotary Interview: Steve Sharlow

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A team building process set up by for Oak Bay Rotary. Steve is now a risk management consultant.He previously worked in probation, as well with Youth Gangs and Sex Offender supervision. Themes: Finding the courage to change Finding purpose

Local opportunities to learn from

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So many places in our own town to explore. Meeting new people. Lot to be learned when we don’t just stay in our familiar patterns.

Key to a happy life

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How a fellow made the most out of changes that were presented to him in his life.

Successful transition in career path: Tony Puerzer

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Some replicable steps a IT professional for 30 years took to realize success as a commercial photographer. He made a career change to something he’s always been passionate about ever since he was a child. He drew upon his marketing

Counterintuitive Job Search

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On a crowded BC Ferry I saw a young woman in a uniform standing up.. waiting for her phone to charge… Within a few minutes she shared her job search success, which I definitely describe as ‘counterintuitive’ and bold. She

A more flexible way of contributing at church

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Freedom from long term weekly commitments leads to deeper dedication and exploration in creating readings for her church service.