Grace Islet

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Efforts to stop development on Grace Iselet.


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4 part plan to submit to campus administration for the 10 year university plan.

Urban Agriculture

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UVic Urban Redesign

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UVic Community Sustainable Info Resource

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The Community Cabbage

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A group of students in 2014 at an environmental roundtable bring forth a radical idea.. Provide free food… leaving students with a full tummies and full mind.

Bus drivers that make a difference

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A student from Bangkok’s appreciation for local bus drivers’ taking the time to teach her how to use the bus system.

Game programming in a world-wide classroom

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A teacher at Vic High tapped into the boundless energies and commitment of students truly engaged in a curricular topic.

Green Business Certification

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It’s an idea that’s been long in coming. Helping small and medium sized businesses show that they are taking steps in being a sustainable business. Their checklist helps businesses see the steps that they need to take in their own

Neighbourhood building

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The penny drops — neighbourhood improves!| One of the students renting a house in our neighbourhood who I met last week while updating Block Watch info, sent this very thoughtful email to me and wanted it passed on to their