Tina and Jordan Moments

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In the early morning of day 3 of a 3 day wedding’s reflections on the separate connections she has with the bride and groom. Highlights the uniqueness of her knowing both of them in different contexts.

Salmon fishing in Alaska: a traveler’s tale

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When traditional fishing opportunities were not available, a conversation with a stranger opened up the perfect solution. Great example of taking a detour… getting off the ‘tour’ and finding amazing ‘stuff.’

“No” can be blessing: finding the right door

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How we deal with the inevitable “no’s” we are faced in our life is a key to moving forward. Personal drive helps move us beyond these limitations.

A focus for retired professionals

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Fresh look at how retired professionals can approach problems facing society and the environment. Putting a focus on understanding rather than simply solving in the short term.

Dealing with bullies in a private school

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Richard Bunbury’s experiences in an exclusive Vancouver private school. It’s a story of collegial training and mutual support in effecting change.

Last 5 years in kindergarten

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She spent a number of years teaching senior history in school but took more training and ended up her last 5 years spent teaching esl students in a full day kindergarten.

Classroom Moments by school trustee

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Grade ones ask a school trustee why he is important.

Sound man and the Paramedics

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Just one of the almost 220 Vancouver Island Musicfest moments we’re collected. This woman stopped me at another venue to share the remarkable story of a sound guy being attended by two paramedics and not missing a single moment of

Festival Moments.. Harps Workshop and Attentive Mothers

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 A thoughtful response to ‘What was one of your ‘Festival Moments?’  “The Harps concert… had never seen that before.” .. A minute later she effused over the wonderful mothering she’d seen. To view more Festival Moments

Ripple effect of field school moments

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When history students live and work with Stolo nation as part of a field school, the ripple effects go far beyond the classroom