Reconfiguring a church

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A visitor from Florida tells a story or reshaping/ reconfiguring a large church. When what you’re doing is not having an impact…consider reconfiguring what you’re doing. Reconfigure: to change the shape or formation of; remodel; restructure

After a Focus Interview at a conference reception

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Loved the reaction, the stimulation at a conference reception, which followed a whole day of presentations. It was to run from 6-9pm… Many folks stayed and talked till past 10.

Turning prisoners’ lives around

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His volunteering in prison resulted in a number of lives being changed. When we met he was looking for a place to park his 5th wheel. I suggested Sooke… turns out he was going to be working there. Although there

Moments of changes through yoga

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Jeff Lichty shares a couple of instances of people being transformed through developing a yoga practice. View other of Jeff’s insights, experiences and important moments

Key Moments

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Two strangers meet at a key board and the communication was immediate. You can see the staying power this quality opportunity elicited.

Composter Pilot project

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A pilot project in Oak Bay that will convert kitchen scraps into soil in 5- 7 weeks. The pilot has begun with 50 Oak Bay residences receiving units by the end of August . Each resident receives their composter and

Cadboro Bay… feeding us positive news

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A small town in Germany is showing great leadership in alternate energy creation and use.

Caring at St Aidans

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Moments of compassionate caring stand out …. and are frequently found at St Aidans.

Power of forgiveness …

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Lessons learned from being in concentration camp touch on physical renewal and personal commitment to forgiveness. The WGWT was Matt’s sharing this over dinner…

Recent successes at Makerspace

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Membership increase, industrial applications and community support are growing.