To be a man

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I saw him sitting on a walker outside a clinic. I asked him a good question. He noticed immediately and after a short response, asked why I asked him that. I mentioned my book to help make conversations be more

A letter to their MP

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A 95 year old was unhappy about his move to Victoria, and missing seeing the cenotaph. A letter the day before Remembrance Day to the MP’s office changed his situation, gave him new hope and sense of being respected.

Synchronicity in searching for work

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A heartening story of hope, persistence, humility, and success in landing a great job…. when prospects seemed dim.

Creating delight in small packages

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It took a bit of listening to hear her story, then her creative spirit surfaced. This paper artist is creating small gardens in Altoid tins.

Discovering community in Victoria

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Visiting from Houston, Texas she is struck by the friendliness, beauty and accessibility of Victoria.

A conference reception that jazzed attendees

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It was designed to encourage Canadian scientists and researchers to make new connections at an international conference. People stayed much longer than organizers dreamed… and conferred deeply with each other.

Math Walk and Talk

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This math prof is a true traveler on campus finds students talking to him as he walks between classes to discuss math topics. Part of his approach is differentiating between work and play in approaching math problems.

Opening doors with strangers

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He had the tools, the spirit and the questions to unlock this wonderful opportunity with a stranger. Inspired by the book “Hi! Conversation Changes Lives” Steven explores countless opportunities to engage. For more information about the book

Life changing: Talking with stranger

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A priceless story of finding direction and purpose from talking with a stranger.

A moment in a Russian bubble

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‘Travelers’ learn how to deal with the unexpected. Remarkable, some say ‘weird’ things happen to Kinga… This one surprised even those who were there at the time with some scary looking Russian soldiers.