Celebrating Eleanor’s 90th

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Disregarding their mother’s admonition, her children created a priceless bound book of her boxes of anecdotes she had written of the years.

Saving a duck…

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Her nephew asked if she’d care for an injuried young duck.. Here, step-by-step is it path to freedom.

Born in a Boxcar

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The first story shared in a two hour recounting of a remarkable life. To view all his stories

Parenting tip: The ‘No’ Rule

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Strategy passed on by her brilliant mother has amazing impact.

Coming to a new ‘world’

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Scotland in the 60’s was challenging… so in 1970 they took their family to Saskatchewan…. Twenty-eight years later they moved to Victoria, yet still have an empathy for the newcomer.

Discovering how to speak again

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Dedicated support from his brother has helped a stroke victim find a new way to speak… A new/old process by a master’s student in using music to unlock communication was a turning point.

Motivations of an engineer

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Graham recognizes the strengths of engineers, and what motivates them.


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It reaches a point where some direct, timely, conversations help adult children respect the neighbourhood.

Prayers made, Crop Saved: my father’s story

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Manager of the small town’s co-op in Saskatchewan is faced with a large hailstorm.

Mother and Daughter… discoveries

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An important discovery when a mother and daughter go dancing at an all-ages dance.