Frostfree Nosepumps- a farmer’s invention

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A farmer was faced with the challenge of watering his herds in the dead of winter. He talks about basic ideas of motivation and learning, even for cows, that show hope for us all. For more information

Brad Julicher: redirecting energies and materials

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From small motor mechanic to artisan… the flexibility, curiosity and follow-through are so inspiring. Find out what he did with used styrofoam cups found on the beach. For further connection.. thecopperhat AT

Derek Jacoby: Surprising Career Path

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Not possible to have a single career. From psychology major to working for Microsoft and beyond..

Helpful business tip to motivate

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Local business owner shares a fresh way to motivate employees that is not just about paying them more money. To view all the clips from the MakerFaire

DIY Learning @ Home

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Insights shared by one of the participants at the MakerFaire. His love of life, and passion for learning tipped me off that he may a home schooler.

Derek Jacoby: MakerSpace

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The founder of MakerSpace Victoria talks about the first MakerFaire on July 28/9 in Saanich. To view all 32 interviews of Makers