Hultain Wild Flowers are drawing community in

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Wild flowers have been an amazing experience for not only the pollinators but the community..So many people passing by on this active street have stopped to enjoy and appreciate the wild flowers.

Fernwood Pole Painting 2016

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Dana shares the spirit of pole painting in wonderful Fernwood.

The Flame

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Another theatre highlight at the Belfry.

People wanting to expand their experience at the Belfry

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Raves after attending three B4Play’s at the Belfy Theatre. Imagine being with a 100 + people who love the Belfry and want to expand the experience. It adds to the pleasure of attending the play.

Benefits of public gardening


Wide ranging benefits of gardening in a public space expand into social and spiritual rewards.

Managing a public -private garden

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The 4th generation of managing a garden space in Fernwood/ North Park. Looking at increasing the space and the productivity this year.

House Fire Victim Gets World-Wide Support

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Remarkable support from near and far leaves this fire victim with renewed faith in humanity.

Volunteering at the Belfry Theatre

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Such a clear description of the atmosphere, culture and conversation whenever we come to the Belfry

B4Play: Venus in Fur

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A theatre buff’s look at the role theatre plays in considering of important issues. Specifically she looks at the big issues presented in Venus in Fur.

What theatre does for society

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A longtime theatre professional on the international stage talks about the unique role that theatre plays in our communities.