Living and working outside the box

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Reflecting on his times and discussions with Roger Colwill.

John Shields’ profound moment of change

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Recorded in Sept 2009, John touched on these themes: Bringing the spiritual into our daily life A revolutionary change in consciousness There are no throw away lines, moments or lives Influencing our community and the world Making significant contributions

The Art of Conversation

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Shaw, a local TV channel produced this six minute Community Producers feature based on our new book, Hi! Conversation Changes Lives. It shows the power and impact this is having on people’s lives, for people of all ages. Endorsements and

Letting synchronicity flow in our lives

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Being open to the synchronicity of life. Some of the moments shared at the book launch of Hi! Conversation Changes Lives. To hear how the story ends you… read p 177 of Hi!

Turning prisoners’ lives around

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His volunteering in prison resulted in a number of lives being changed. When we met he was looking for a place to park his 5th wheel. I suggested Sooke… turns out he was going to be working there. Although there

Connor the Driver….

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Loved his level of caring for everyone on his bus. He was so willing to see the best in people, give them the benefit of the doubt and have a few minutes of conversation while getting his passengers, especially those

Resilient Neighbourhoods

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Neighbourhoods where people talk to each are the basis to a resilient communities.

Oak Bay High School – innovative business

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Human centered design course. They are working to improve the world around them.

Student ‘test driver’

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A student volunteers to test drive ‘Hi! Conversation Changes Lives, and sharing his response to each conversation he has for a month. He shared his experience with a packed house at the book launch.

Hope for BC Forests

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People just don’t realize the positives that are at play in BC forests. It’s becoming much more sustainable.