On the road to energy savings in Alberta

A brief recounting of the efforts to save energy through adding solar panels to schools. At first it was done through student fundraising.. Eventually the ministry of education got behind it. To view other energy saving stories by Ken


  1. Ken

    I know I spoke about the solar panels on Banff Community High School but should have mentioned that in 2002 we did a full modernization of the school; the only items remaining were the support columns and floors; as we were constructing in a national park, we wanted to be as environmental as possible so adopted the US Green Council LEED program; there was no CANADA Green Council at that time; BCHS became the first LEED Certified school in Canada, the 3rd LEED Certified building in Canada and the 2nd LEED Certified school in North America.

  2. Graham

    Yes it is a powerful story. As he said one squeaky wheel influenced this shift in thinking. Thanks