Soccer standout

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Playing since the age of 4, Jake shares three accomplishments in his career.

Aunt Sheela… taking in two nieces

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Almost 80 years an aunt took in her two nieces. Her inclusive love still stands out in memory.

I could survive anything – and did.

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The abuse she suffered at the hands of her adoptive family left her with a feeling of being able to survive anything. She takes us through her early career stream. To view her story

Warmed: Lessons from a foster father

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She met him when she was about 13… the third ‘man’ in that role. He’s left a lifetime blessing.

Getting her first serving job…

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She landed in Victoria after spending time in India…. and by the time she got out of the taxi, had her first serving position.

Wolf lessons

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A lot can be learned by watching wolves working together. There aren’t many Canadians alive today who have a mountain named after them. Sorry, make that an entire mountain chain: Antarctica’s “Roots Range” was dubbed in honour of this explorer,

There’s so much out there.. work online

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Dani took at skill and a passion around the world, and created a life. There are opportunities for almost anyone to earn a living on-line.

Factors for societal change

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Pic-A-Flick caring

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The community came together beautifully at the Pic-a-Flick counter. It all started when the staff member stayed true to company regulations.. and said ‘no’ to a passionate request.

Regrowth of community-based action

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Alluding to Guy Dauncey’s central point in ‘Journey to the Future’…When you get a bunch of people in a group, so much more can be done… and enjoyed