Spreading the word about fish sounds

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Dr. Rodney Rountree (aka “the fish listener”) describes his efforts together with Dr. Tony Hawkins and Dr. David Mann to educate fishery biologists and ultimately the general public, on the importance of listening to fish. One of the most difficult

A hiring success …. Bethany’s story

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She was hired to do some physical labour for a day. Within hours she showed her value… by asking great questions.

Moving beyond resumes

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Ian shares his approach to a job interview that met with great success. It’s an approach that has opened many doors for him.

An exceptional year

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Connie’s keen observation of life, and her love of writing contribute to her exceptional joy of life. To view more of her stories.

The power of arts -supporters in sustaining cities

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Heather sees connection and support of the Belfry Theatre over almost 40 years as a key to having a sustainable community.

The thrill of scientific discovery

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Dr. Rodney Rountree (aka “the fish listener”) describes why he is fascinated with research on marine and aquatic soundscapes and recording fish sounds. He finds it hard to understand why everyone doesn’t feel the same way! For more information see

B4 Rez .. New depths of insight

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Years later, the insights shared by Gregor Craigie’s guests are still remembered. Hearing from one of the actresses brought new depths to the show.

Feeling the moments at the Belfry Theatre

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The draw to the Belfry… and the shows…You get to feel the moment…

History of masoginy – B4 Venus in Fur

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A fascinating B4 play event that gave important insights, not only about the play, but about events in our community and country.

Magical moments in Continuing Studies: Irving Berlin

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Tearful moment while teaching an Irving Berlin course at UVic’s Continuing Studies