Sharing space with wildlife in urban area

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A grade 6 student’s early morni morning adventure brings home lessons from class.

A passion for curiosity

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Keeping curiosity in sight is the fuel for his life.

Food for Thought

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New to town, Kevin finds himself heading a ‘food for thought’ community event in Fairfield.

Henry’s Story… A reclamation in process

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A recent rescue from a seeming rubbish pile on the Vancouver’s lower eastside, to crisis housing, to finding a safe place in a woman’s home to begin a new life. For more of the backstory of this social worker’s efforts:

Gramma inspires an award winning claymation

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Her UVic English major granddaughter asked, ‘Tell me a story from when you were little. ‘ Here’s the winning video Here’s Connie’s “Stories We Tell Our Children” album

Power of forgiveness …

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Lessons learned from being in concentration camp touch on physical renewal and personal commitment to forgiveness. The WGWT was Matt’s sharing this over dinner…

Community Cabbage at UVic

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Over 100 people a week come for the conversation and the good food… from unlocked food store dumpsters.

All that talent and experience!

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His first cruise had a moment of insight.: So many people no longer using or applying the skills and capacities they developed in their work life… and then again a few week’s later, on land, he had a different take

Thinking about change

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Her current work is helping manage change. How does one get better in this process?

A human rescue… into family

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She found ‘Pierre’ panhandling and invited him home for Easter dinner… and a new life.