Saving a life, and a reputation

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The owner of Esquimalt Trading tells about how they helped someone get back on their feet after some unwise debt moves.

Transition scenarios for oil sands workers

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Liam Hildebrand’s Iron and Earth initiative is exploring and mobilizing important shifts in thinking, research and employment for oil sands workers.

Dal Richard’s Celebration of Life

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1000 folks at Christ Church Cathedral to pay tribute to a Vancouver legend. Some came just to better understand what made such a life.

Bus Stories about Dal Richards

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Coming back from a packed celebration, the streets of Vancouver, the extra police and even the buses were more alive than usual. Truly a celebration of life. Here are four of the stories we collected.

Moving to a farm in the 1930’s

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Her father took what little money he had left after the Crash and bought a small farm for his family. Here are some of the stories from that formative time.

A memorable gift….

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What do you give father who has every thing he needs for his 90th birthday? His daughter comes up with a wonderful gift, time away near where he built and managed a world-famous hotel.

Finding a son’s career path: a mother’s story

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A mother shares how she and her son approached, and shifted his career exploration.. and her own level of community and political engagement.

It started with the London blitz…

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Pivotal moments to a successful life… Impressions from the London blitz to life on the West Coast where he built a national icon.