Mosqoy- Sacred Valley Youth Fund

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on Vimeo. “Mosqoy” means “dream” in the local Quechua language and demonstrates our main objective: to fulfill the dreams of Quechua communities in Peru. Mosqoy is a not-for-profit business based both in Victoria, BC, Canada and in Cusco, Peru. Here

Straw-bale Construction

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A new-old idea that can inspire a new way of looking at economy, housing and energy.

Frostfree Nosepumps- a farmer’s invention

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A farmer was faced with the challenge of watering his herds in the dead of winter. He talks about basic ideas of motivation and learning, even for cows, that show hope for us all. For more information

Empathy and support from a pawn shop

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It’s the only pawn shop in Esquimalt, and gives support and respect to about 1700 customers a month.

How your grandmother met her second husband

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He had just come back from the war, and saw she was getting unwanted attention on the train…. He did make an impression, and she followed up.

Ruby Moments: 40th Anniversary

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We put this together over some months… So many stories here.

Momentum .. A walking tour

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He walked down the West Coast of North America and had some important conversations along the way. For more info on the podcast see

Symphony Stories and Poetry

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Drawing on his years as a teacher, professor and writer, Jack Hodgins curates a unique musical/ written word event with the Victoria Symphony

Asked to create a girls’ Little League

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She started it from scratch and ended 9 years later with 30 teams… using 3 ball parks. One now has her name on it.