Beginning influences and decisions of an artist and teacher

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Carole Sabiston looks back at her family, school and community influences in shaping her career path. Everything in her career development interconnected.

Buying my first car

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Spent a bit of time with Jack, a wonderful story teller and author. He shared this story about the first car he bought, a ‘hot rod’ 1950 Meteor.

Phenomenal experimental course

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No one was getting any credits, but four classes of students loved the experience. They sometimes stayed and talked for hours after school. Thirty years later that experience with the students still feels phenomenal.

Grandfather’s voice

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My grandfather's voice from Christopher Bowers on Vimeo. The whole family was deeply affected when they heard their father’s voice on a video after his passing.

Granny’s Rules

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A format she used when her 5 and 2 year old grandchildren came over to stay for two week. It built love, respect and fun into their relationship.

Social Circus

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A process and a culture that helps bridge the connection between strangers. It’s a form of change. It brings out the kid in you. The Circus Community allows you to meet your tribe wherever you are in the world.

AfterPlay … Chelsea Hotel and a life time influence by Cohen

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In 1969 while well into her art career, she left teaching and ran away to Spain with her four year old son, and took a year in a primitive island community and discovered a new life, and friends. She also

Finding purpose in retirement

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A retired civil servant whose career took him to many parts of the world shares what’s helped him build upon his interests and skills to forge a rewarding post-career lifestyle.

The meaning of life

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Martin an architect, mediator and traveler recalls bringing ‘The Meaning of Life” as a gift to a friend in a far off city.

Teaching outside our comfort zone

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A substitute teacher uses her knowledge and skills as an artist to teach academic courses in a secondary school