Earth Ranger – saving endangered species

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This is Robin’s third year of working to save protected species. It started when she first saw a clip about “Earth Rangers” on television when we was seven. She talks about her successful fundraising strategies and the campaigns she’s worked

Lifecycles Project – supporting the vulnerable

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Maurice Prato – Lifecycles: supporting vulnerable Lifecycles Project largely focuses on helping support and teach vulnerable people.

The Artists Way — finding our path

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Advice on creating and navigating a creative life career. Click here to view all five clips on career, goals, and life achievement

Three Penny Opera -finding the character

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We started talking by my asking what she learned or is thinking about from her day in school. “Expressionism” .. She’s drawing inspiration from her own experience for an upcoming role as a prostitute in this Phoenix Theatre production

Bruce Ravelli: 4 pages that changed a life

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I meet a number of profs by asking students which profs have stood out to them. Bruce was one of those. Here he shares a ‘Classroom Moment’ in his career A 4 page article, ‘The Promise’ by Charles Wright Mills

Value of being a scientist

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A PhD in Oceanography talks about the wide ranging value of being a scientist.

Campaign success

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A high school volunteer’s talking on the street about politics draws an opposing party member into the conversation. Twenty minutes later…. there was a shift of thinking, a realignment.

Education is Power

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I met Dave Cuddy at a breakfast mixer. I loved the spirit of his initiative. Giving tangible, life-changing support to students in Africa. For more information

Learning the game of getting along at work

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Finding and keeping his place in the tumultuous IT industry for over 40 years has lessons for many in the workplace.

Growing business by cooperating with competitors

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A lot of the competition to Nathan’s gardening company can’t handle working with trees and hedges. His helping them is paying off with new business.