Bus riding transformed

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A young woman’s bus riding experience was transformed when she discovered the power of prayer. She started appreciating the beauty outside the windows, and of fellow riders.

King of the Background

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Dayna Manning, from her band, Trent Severn, shares the meaningful backstory and intent to this new song. More poignant as they debuted it live for Richard’s brother who was in the audience. Loved hearing the backstory, the impact of fully

A house called ‘Bob’ – good energy

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From the first moments viewing it, to learning more of the rich history of the house, and its owner. Good vibes throughout.

Third world happiness with lessons for Canada


The Yoruba of Nigeria’s community approach to resolving a problem through music, community, talking and listening. Illustrates the potential of community, conversation and real listening in first world situations.

An artist’s perspective on creativity and success


A Victoria artist reflects on doing art, as a vehicle for growth

Helping child with learning challenges get past frustration

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Helping students move past frustrations and acting out, through intuition, calm hands-on action, and music.

Students’ studying invasive species

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A secondary school teacher shares accomplishments of her students in studying and disseminating information about invasive species in Victoria.

Finding Joan: the power of a letter

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Everything changed in a family after a letter was sent to a distant cousin.

Stewards of Cadboro Bay

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Trish and Hugh come early each morning to the beach, and leave it fresh for others to enjoy. They even remove dog poo. They think it’s a privilege to have dogs allowed on the beach,

Amos Garrett: Guitar Hero

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Amos Garrett, a Canadian guitar legend shares a festival moment that stands out for him.