School principal at age 20…

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Back in the 1956 Rod, aged 20, with just a year of post secondary teacher training, was asked by a supervisor at Normal School to be a principal for a company school at logging camp at Sarita River on the

Excitement for UVic campus sustainability

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One goal for UVic sustainability is to shift the transportation modal split of persons travelling to and from campus to 70% sustainable transportation (cycling, walking, transit, carpool/rideshare, etc.) and 30% single occupancy vehicles”

Benefits of public gardening


Wide ranging benefits of gardening in a public space expand into social and spiritual rewards.

You are what you believe you can do

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What have you done with what you’ve been given? This retired engineer has always had an eye on new uses of ‘junk’.. What can we do with what we have is a philosophy of life.

Managing a public -private garden

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The 4th generation of managing a garden space in Fernwood/ North Park. Looking at increasing the space and the productivity this year.

House Fire Victim Gets World-Wide Support

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Remarkable support from near and far leaves this fire victim with renewed faith in humanity.

Asking questions: A gift parents can share

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Teaching our children to ask questions is one of the most important things a parent can do for their children.

Urban Cycling Network

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Ayrie’s reflections on a big picture village-building approach that is possible in Victoria.

We are the travelers, the spark

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Looking back in our history, travelers played an important role in sharing news and experiences. Similarly today even those who are Travelers in their own town, play a role of connecting and informing.