Key to a happy life

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Saying ‘yes’ to opportunities presented to us is a key to happiness. Not all of these may be from within us, but may be a change that we are faced with.

Seeing life as a joint event

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Exercising our ability to involved ourselves with others, listening to them enriches out lives, leads to a richer life. Helping others work out their issues is fascinating.

Compassion Trumps Loneliness

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The impact of loneliness on our genetics is graphically illustrated. What is also documented is the healing efficacy of compassion and meditation. Our TravelerInYourOwnTown program is designed to break through the isolation so prevalent in public spaces. For more information

Outstanding storied moments on transit

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Poignant comments, experiences on public transit to Commercial Drive …

Living on the water

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Moving from England she first settled in Manitoba but when she came to Victoria… She was drawn to a house under the Johnston St Bridge.. on the water. Everything changed.

Student Tune-Up Days

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Members of the UVic Cycling Club offer great support to further bike use on campus.