A Boulder Wall… removed


A new neighbour’s move to build a boulder wall on his hill-top property was overturned, and dismantled, graciously. While a city councillor of the village predicted a protracted law suit, it was ended amicably. Before, during and after this ,

Transforming the atmosphere on Chicago subway

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One woman’s effort to engage others in a sketchy section of Chicago totally changed people’s behaviour from passengers’ total silence to animated conversation.

Finding the positive, changes group behaviour

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Teacher/ Principal provides support to problem solve negative behaviour that was tyrannizing an elementary school.

Living the curriculum.. changed students’ lives

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A former teacher/ principal shares how her life was changed in grade 10, by a teacher who lived the curriculum he taught and then expected the students to follow his lead, in being travellers in their own town.

Asking a child to change the world

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Steps a child can take to change their world. Kathleen Arnason shares some key steps in changing our world, no matter how young we are. Kathleen is a keynote speaker, author of six books, speaking on a variety of specialty

Finding a passion to explore

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A 3 step process a teacher used to help students find a passion to explore in their city.

What’s Gone Well Today metaphor: Reaching

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When we feel a need to reach out and accomplish more, or it’s time to do something else. It starts with an idea and awareness of how to ‘water’ it. The WGWT Reaching Card To view more applications of WGWT

The leader in me

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An arts academy’s literature-based musical had a profound effect on the individuals and their willingness to take risks. So refreshing to find an educator with great classroom moments at the tip of her tongue, and ready to share.

Packing for your travels

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There’s always a worry about packing the right things for a trip. Here Omar suggests a key to packing for any traveling or changes in our lives.

Tina and Jordan Moments

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In the early morning of day 3 of a 3 day wedding’s reflections on the separate connections she has with the bride and groom. Highlights the uniqueness of her knowing both of them in different contexts.