Mercy Ships.. UVic club

The local and international impact of belonging to Mercy Ships.

Mercy Ships brings transformational health care, relief aid and community support to some of the most impoverished people on earth, meeting their immediate and long-term needs.

Our multi-national volunteers and staff on our hospital ships and in our field locations and national offices work to meet the immediate and long-term needs of individuals and communities, bringing strength and self-sustaining capacity to developing nations. Mercy Ships freely serves the poor without regard to race, gender or religion.

In addition to the thousands of free specialized surgeries offered onboard the ships, community development projects take place in the surrounding villages in collaboration with local partners. These sustainable programs target areas of health, education, water and agriculture.
Program & Service Statistics

With offices in 16 nations, Mercy Ships operates hospital ships serving some of the poorest developing nations of the world. The Africa Mercy is the world’s largest non-governmental hospital ship, and is dedicated to the continent of Africa. The success of the Africa Mercy project gives us confidence to further expand our fleet (in the coming years). Mercy Ships has some 1,200 volunteer career staff and crew from 40 nations and more than 2,000 short-term volunteers annually.