Accepting change

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Elements that contribute to someone taking on a new idea, committing to a new action. Someone coming into ‘the room’, light bulb moments. ‘The future isn’t so much about absorbing or tolerating change, it’s about making change.’ .. Seth Godin

Celebration that inspired our lives

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Two hundred and fifty friends and colleagues gathered to honour Ian Macpherson. The stories shared were inspiring and provided a model that many could live by.

Our Place.. a place of hope

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A retired nurse, who has volunteered at Our Place for 10 years shares the growth in atmosphere and hope she’s seen of late. This conversation began from a discussion about low or minimum wages at Walmart Stores where many employees

Marty Frost: Worker Co-ops

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New ( old) ways for workers to take control of their work-lives. Marty Frost has 17 years of co-operative development and training. Each developer in Devco has over 30 years of co-operative development, management and training experience. Devco has received

First baking venture: Fernfest

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Taking a passion for baking to the Fern Fest… with great confidence and success!

Creating a momentary impression

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Keys to success in any kind of service business: Creating a ‘moment’ for clients  regardless of  how fleeting it may be. Creating that moment is what we aim for, a gift  of a wonderful first impression.

A meaningful hiatus from the entertainment industry

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The financial crisis of 2007/08 had global impact. When Jeremy was no longer entertaining on cruise ships, he found a rewarding position doing something completely different. It had a remarkable impact on his career and job skills.