Solar Colwood

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Solar Colwood aims to have 1000 Colwood residents and businesses take action to save energy and reduce our greenhouse gas emissions through energy efficiency and renewable energy upgrades. There’s something for everyone through Solar Colwood, no matter your building or

Living a dream.. opening a general store

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In the last years of their role as educators in the Victoria School District a dream has come to fruition. “We are a small general store, carrying fresh produce and groceries, body care and general household products, clothing, and artisan

A love of coaching speakers

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Drawing upon her leadership role with TEDx Victoria, Carol-Lynne shares how she helps speakers connect with their passion and purpose. To view more of Carol-Lynne’s thoughts and experience.

We always have a choice

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College student’s discovery that we don’t just have to go along with other’s decisions, opinions or physical conditions. Her spiritual insights allowed her to find her healing of a longstanding physical challenge.

Meaningful retirement

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A retired civil servant whose career took him to many parts of the world shares what’s helped him build upon his interests and skills to forge a rewarding post-career lifestyle. This counters the tendency of escapism that many seniors take,