Career Plans

A new reality in piecing together a range of experiences to a meaningful and substantial profession

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  1. Natasja

    So true!

    I’ve come to appreciate my “accidental career” in mental health more over recent years. There were times, earlier, when going to work didn’t feel good, and I didn’t feel at my best. Self-care is an absolute must, in order to be effective in my job… As it should be in all lines of work.

    One of my sources for recharging comes from passions I always thought would have formed a different career – one inspired by the earlier part of my life which had me exploring different corners of the world. While I may not ever make a full career change, I now aim to bring some of that love for language and culture back into my life. I am easily recharged by conversations about international relief and development and by opportunities for intercultural communication…

    Interestingly enough, my current role in mental health and addictions involves helping people with their employment goals. As a vocational counsellor (or job coach) I often explore with clients their transferable skills gained from past experiences (academic, work, life…).

    “Practicing what you preach” doesn’t always come easily to me, and I need to remind myself (or be reminded by others) that, yes, my path may not be as I expected it to be, but so worth the time…

    Thank you for sharing your story!