Red Fish School of Change

The Redfish School of Change is a non-profit program designed for people who want to lead the way in creating ecological sustainability and social equity in their communities. Each student enters the program with a proposed Community Action Project (CAP) that they develop during the course of our unique field experience, and then work to implement after the program is over.

As a participant in this intensive field school, you travel and visit the mountains, lakes and valleys of the West Kootenays in British Columbia. You visit innovative sites and engage with experts in the field of environment and social justice. You explore the wilderness of Valhalla Provincial Park, and witness the unique ecology of the Columbia Basin as you visit its diverse communities. You learn critical skills for creating positive change, putting them into practice during and after the program.

Living and learning with fifteen to seventeen other participants and two instructors, you develop the capacity and confidence to lead your community on the issues that matter most to you. Upon the successful completion of the program, you receive two course credits from the University of Victoria as well as six months of post-program support on your environmental and social justice initiatives.

Here’s his self-directed sequel to this school experience, a trek across North America to meet and explore progressive organizations and individuals.