Mike Colwill ( 2009) at Stelly’s

a businessman and entrepreneu,r life has been totally spontaneous. Things just worked out positive in his life. He credits this to his parents’ positive approach to life:.. “Bad news/good news”.–. be able to spin something good .. out of any bad situation.’ My dad had a stroke. Just look at all the good that came out of that!.’ He loved his high school years, especially grade 11 / 12. which was the highlight of his education. He developed a great group of friends. That’s the most important thing.” If I went back I wouldn’t waste my time on doing better academically Success is based on people. High school is all about developing people skills. You have to go to awkward situations,. when you don’t know anyone there. That’s where you learn and grow.” < read what student said >
Deciding who you’re going to hang out with and do business with
Adventure.. Life is always an adventure.. You never really know what’s going to happen every day.
Dealing with challenges
Pack it all in: Always have something going on
The power of being positive..
Being noticed..: Put yourself in situations you’ll be noticed