Anne Heeney: creative community at Rock Bay Square

talking about the only affordable space in town, surrounded by like minded artists and artisans has made a profound impact on her work and career.

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  1. Fransi Andersson

    Today I had the pleasure of meeting Artist Anne Heaney at a Gallery in downtown Victoria..She overheard me saying how sincerely I was searching for Studio Space.Recen try I moved from Ontario and love Victoria but my small apartment does not allow me enough space to pursue my Career as an Artist. I made my living as a Puppeteer and brought that Family with me.. 3 Dimentional Masks are my love combined with all the whimsical souls living within me. I will pay whatever you ask to rent a Studio space within Rock Bay Square. Ann took a peak at photo of my work I have 2 Degrees from OCAD and a BFA from York University. Anne told me to contact Caroline Skeene and hopefully she will get this message.Tomorrow I will drive down in hope of meeting someone on the premises to just maybe improve my chances. The Angels sent Anne so I’m hoping another may read my request and offer some possibilities for l me to Dream Big like the latest wonderful IMAX movie.