Your kitchen is our kitchen… a shift to being inclusive

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A server’s efforts results in changes to a resort’s menu.

Part 2: Starting a new life – joining a guild

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Given an introduction to a thoughtful engineer, Nico takes the approach of ‘teach me how to fish”

Sales insights.. an alchemical process

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When you get the right instrument, in the right hands, there’s a magic, similar to the magic shop in Harry Potter. But when they get to hear the story behind the instrument there’s an assurance that it’s okay to be

Last moments with his mother

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A son recalls the last moments he spent with his mother, the evening before she peacefully passed on.

“No ceremony”

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An eldest son’s balancing the request for ‘no ceremony’ with deciding on what the ‘right thing for the moment is”

Entrepreneur’s guide for the Collaborative Network

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5 steps in 3 minutes to effectively begin using the questions, tools and collaborative features. Visit the Collaborative Network

Conversation that works

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Reflections on what makes for effective conversations.

UVic Sustainability Project

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Board member talks about the benefits of USP for the campus, students, and his own growth.

Always a way around it.. giving hope to youth

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Talking about a turning point in a youth group’s projects through the help of Roger Colwill