Helpful business tip to motivate

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Local business owner shares a fresh way to motivate employees that is not just about paying them more money. To view all the clips from the MakerFaire

DIY Learning @ Home

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Insights shared by one of the participants at the MakerFaire. His love of life, and passion for learning tipped me off that he may a home schooler.

Condo Conversations

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A retired university dean found a wonderful way to build community in a condo development.

Family Feeling in Aprons for Gloves

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One of the boxer’s in the Restaurant Rumble shares her love for the ‘family’ and appreciation for her coaches. To view others comments

Birthday with Big Momma Thornton

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What a way to celebrate a birthday! She found the show in the paper and went with her grandson, and when women from the audience were invited to stand up and sing, she was up and singing with some support

Jake Guy MC, recording engineer

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A musician and producer with a dream of making consciously fresh music. Latest inspiration is Steven Covey’s 7 Habits of Highly Effective People.

Terry: Fernwood’s Bubble Guy

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Terry talks about how his role as the Bubble Guy began and the impact it’s had. View the latest videos in the Fernwood playlist

Nye on the Fernwood Square

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Some of the many things Nye is involved with on Fernwood Square

JC Scott: Go green in Interior Design

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JC’s ideas shared at Gaining Ground Victoria Conference

Meeting Thomas Mulcair

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JC Scott shares some ideas about his meeting with the leader of the Official Opposition in Canada.