The Victoria (Nissan) Leaf Club

Enthusiastic owner of Nissan Leaf, an all electric car shares her passion for this new technology.


  1. Kate Goodall

    Hello….just test drove a LEAF…Looove it! I’m wondering though if anyone might tell me if they think the LEAF could make the drive from Victoria to Nanaimo on a single charge or alternatively on a 30 minute Level 2 top up at Mill Bay on the way.


  2. Jennifer

    Hi Kate,
    While I haven’t done this drive myself, I know a few other LEAF owners in Victoria who have done so. Are you the same Kate who asked Andy McIntosh for feedback about this trip? The short answer is yes, it’s doable!


  3. Kate Goodall

    Thanks Jen, yes I’m the same Kate. I just have some bureaucratic red tape to sort through to get access to the charging station. HOpefully that will be sorted next week. Thanks for your reply!