A mom that inspires: thoughts before a funeral

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Before attending her funeral, a young mom reflects on what she’s learned from a friend’s mother.

Jillian Player… artist’s journey

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Thoughts on her path to freedom and release

Jillian Player: Spring Ridge

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Focusing on abstract work — a freedom and release

Shawna Bate.. acrylic artist

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A unique style that makes people happy

Mike Bourque – Landscapes


In his first year in the Stroll … sees Art Stroll as a way of giving back to the community after years of painting in his attic. mgbourque@gmail.com

Kale Corners: A great shift in working together

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Remarkable example of how citizen, civic, parks representatives were engaged quickly to designate a new public garden at Kale Corners.

Haultain food forest

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Different incarnations at Haultain Commons as neighbours learn more about permaculture

Stir It Up.. keys to success

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Keys to success at Fernwood Square’s Stir It UP.

Break out moments at The Paintbox

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Highlighting the range of ‘great moments’ at The Paintbox in Fernwood Square

Kidical Mass YYJ rides

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Introduction to Kidical Mass YYJ at Fernfest, 2012