Monique Gray Smith: a story of resilience

A young boy’s journey to a residential school ends up in the TB ward of a hospital and gets the attention of an empathetic nurse. To view more of Monique’s clips on her work around Hope, Faith and Empathy

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  1. Barbara Eaton

    Dear Monique, your book crossed my path about sept/12,I picked it up,but then I put it back on bookshelf.This book has been wafting through my mind ever since,a strong force telling me I must read this book.I finally relented and bought the book Feb/20 wed, and it is Feb21thur 11pm.I have just finished reading the book.As I attended the Kamloops Residential school for 9yrs.Since 2007 have been connecting with my own truth and reconcillation.The ancesters have come to me about this book,and I not grasping the messages,maybe come to me in dreamtime.Wonderful book Monique and Thank you for writing.