Justin Blanchfield at Royal Oak 2010

An engineer responds to questions about his work, life style, options, volunteering, passion. The benefits of having a niche skills are explored.

Mechanical Engineer One of two Mechanical Engineers on staff. His expertise includes hydrodynamics, thermodynamics, and modelling. Justin is involved in the design of water supply systems and outfalls. He is currently modeling the Skeena river in Terrace to design a bank protection system to stop erosion and flooding. He is also on a team of engineers designing the water system for a $2 billion coal gasification plant in North Dakota (which includes carbon sequestration). His business development activities include developing the renewable energy department for Worley Parsons Canada. His renewable energy expertise includes ocean energy, small hydro, geoexchange and energy from waste. Justin also gets involved with a great deal of “green” development projects including Dockside Green and several new communities in BC

Engineering: being in a position to do really cool things
Renewable energy and energy efficiency (ie. reducing our energy use)
Composting – a first step with a big benefit
Work / life balance – finding time to do all that we want to do
Volunteering- helping everyone involved